About us

We are the link between you and mauritian bus owners

We are a group of friends who live in Mauritius. Some of us are webmasters, drivers and owners of buses. We have combine our skills to create this website to offer our services online. This is the reason of this website. What we do is to carefully pick and choose trustworthy and reliable persons to work with. Thus, ensuring quality services to clients. All our buses are new and fully licensed as tourist transport.

About booking

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  • How to make a booking?

Easy! Go to our booking page.
Fill the booking form and submit it.
Our server will instantly send an automatic email to the address you used.
Check and answer it. This is to verify that your request is genuine and your email address is a valid one.
Once we received the answer to the automatic email, we will send a pro-forma invoice to you. This document will contain important details about your booking.

NOTE:- At this stage, the booking procedures are not complete yet!

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  • Pro-forma invoice

A pro-forma invoice will be sent to you. It will contain rental and payment details.
You will be given sufficient time to study it and ask questions if necessary.
If you decide to proceed with your booking, you will need to send your deposit to us within the time limit on the pro-forma invoice. If not, your booking will automatically become obsolete.
Afterwards, if you decide to renew your booking, you will have to start a new one BUT you will loose all discount granted.

NOTE:- At this stage, the booking procedures are still not complete yet!

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  • Payment of deposit

For security reasons, we do not and will not provide on-line credit card processing facilities on our website.
We only accept payment through direct bank transfer, Paypal or Western union.
Our bank details and all related information will be communicate to you. You can use it to send us your deposit.
Upon reception of your deposit, “Deposit due” mention on your pro-forma invoice will be modify to “Deposit paid”

NOTE:- At this stage, the booking procedures are complete!
Your booking is now fully validate!

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  • In Mauritius

Airport transfer
At your arrival, exit the airport hall.
Our driver will wait for you outside with your name written on a board. It will be the same name as on the invoice.
1 hour before your flight landing, we will send an sms to the phone number you provide in the invoice.
The sms will contain the name of the driver as well as his mobile number.

Hotel pickup
If pick-up should be at your hotel, the bus will be at the hotel at the time mention in the invoice.
If your have rent the bus for several days, you should arrange about all upcoming pick-ups directly with the driver.
We are only concern about the bus rental. All itineraries are solely yours to decide.

Note:- Your normal rental is for 8 hours, start and dropoff time inclusive.